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Xtreme Servers and USA1Hosting Scripting FAQ's

We offer PHP and cgi/perl scripting in conjunction MySQL.  This server runs all scripts using SUexec and SUphp

What does this mean to you?

Reduced functionality?  NO!

Increased security?  YES!

Easier and more secure script configuration?  YES!

What this means is that your scripts run under YOUR permissions and not that of the webserver. This does a couple things.

One---it allows you to set your permissions on files and directories to be more secure that *normal* hosting configurations.

Two---it protects your website from insecure scripts that another customer may have installed in their account. Translation: If THEIR scripts are insecure, only THEIR website is at risk. Please take care to ensure that your scripts are safe and secure.

Also, required file and directory permissions are different in this environment. You can never use "777" as a permission level on any file or directory or your script will fail to run.

Permissions should be set as follows:

Perl/cgi files... 755
files and directories writable by Perl should be 755

PHP scripts can be the same as your html files-- 644...writable files and directories should be set to 755

NOTE: If your script installation instructions say "chmod to 777" Don't do it.  Your script will not run. Use 755 instead and it will work fine and be more secure! "777" says allow ANYONE to write to that directory or file...wouldn't you rather restrict it to you and your scripts?

That's how SUexec and SUphp work.

cgi/pl files must be in the cgi-bin directory in your account. All perl files go there. They can be named either .pl or .cgi and will work the same either way.

PHP files can be anywhere...

Base Directory restrictions are in effect for all scripts--in other words your scripts can only read/write in your account and nowhere else except to be able to read libraries in the typical predefined paths on the server that are required for the scripts to run.

If you are on a "webby" or other function limited access device, let me know and I can install an online file manager and/or a web based ftp program for you to use to work in your account.

*NOTE: Beware of using "canned" scripts especially the more popular scripts which have been used and abused for years on the internet! If you have any questions about the security of a script, please ask!